‘Creating a new website was an opportunity to take stock and really think how I want to present myself, my business and my offers’

Penny Spawforth is an experienced Alexander Technique Teacher and an NVC practitioner and trainer. She joined Your Website School owning 2 old websites which required managing and updating behind the scenes, and her goal was to have one new website reflecting an updated version of herself and her services. This is her website.


'For me, doing Your Website School was empowering,
I'm sharp, I'm on point and I'm powerful'

Amanda Kanini-Dyer is a powerful healer; she speaks the intangible truth in a modern, contemporary way. Her talents are off the charts! Based in London she works all over the world. She joined Your Website School (YWS) programme after dreaming of being seen online for years, but never fully stepping into that place. Now she has! She is the fully fledged owner of a website that she can update herself. Her website, The Alchemy of Lightbody, represents her business and talks directly to her prospective customers.


‘I learnt from you as a business owner, you were gentle yet firm and gave us responsibility to go ahead and do things ourselves’

Lida Hewitt joined Your Website School with a DIY website that was not serving her business– Gentle Integration Therapies. She is an amazing, gifted practitioner working with stroke survivors, sensory challenged young people and their families and carers. Here she tells us how she grew as a person and as a business owner whilst birthing a website that serves her customers. This is her website.


'You have changed the way I think about my business'

Fennella Flor is a Colour Me Beautiful Consultant based in Bournemouth, Dorset. She tells us here how she transitioned from and old website that was not serving her business or her customers and all that she learnt whilst being at Your Website School.


‘You made the complicated seem so simple and you provided crystal clear advice’

Chris Barltrop is the founder of The Centre for Circus Culture. Its mission is to promote and foster understanding of all aspects of the circus in all its forms. Born out of Chris's own passion and over 40 years experience in the Circus, he embarked on Your Website School to be able to bring together his knowledge, research and the many contributions from artists of all types onto an online platform.


The features I enjoyed the most at YWS were to do with my personal development and the collaboration with different people. I felt I was well looked after and my needs were met.
— Lida Hewitt – gentle integration therapies

To be honest, I disliked the whole process, but really appreciated your patience, encouragement and support. Without you, I would not have a website. You were willing to work slowly to support me through the process and made me believe that it was possible. Two years on, I have a growing business with a website that is attracting clients. Even more, I am writing and blogging in a way I would not have believed I was capable to do. It has been an extraordinary process of growth for me and my business. Thank you, it worked. The service was personalised, client focused and totally supportive.
— Sara Alston – SEA Inclusion and Safeguarding

I’ve benefited from Nora and Emma’s expertise and knowledge of what makes a good website. By being part of a small group who were working together - I could see how different we all were and how Nora was attending to our differences in her suggestions. And, by being given specific step by step tasks and deadlines!
— Penny Spawforth – Restoring connections

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