How it works

Your Website School is an ecosystem
We'll help you clarify your core message and review how you run your business and services


Take your seat dear business owner

Every single task we ask you to complete is there for a reason. They all contribute to the final result and ultimately benefit your business. The work you do within YWS requires you allocate slots of focused time. And it turns out much better when you are relaxed and give it your full attention.
You will also make the most of your investment whilst you ride in the momentum of the programme.


What happens at YWS

Your Website School programme consists of a combination of homework, live Zoom calls and communicating daily via Slack (a forum type platform). You will need to allocate time for the homework, especially at the start of the programme! The more you invest in providing well thought answers and nailing what is at the heart of your business the better your website turns out.

1: Discovery

You will learn, think, write and evaluate what is at the heart of your brand.
An enquiry to help you communicate authentically and to develop trust in what you offer. 

You'll discover your visual brand, the correct tone of voice for your business' communications, what kind of photos to use, and how potential customers perceive your brand. 


2: Website content

Your website content includes the copy, the images, sound and video. With questionnaires to help guide you, you will create content that conveys your brand message simply and effectively. 

YWS will; guide and encourage you to streamline your message, combine effective headlines and powerful images to amplify your impact.



3: Design & Tutorial

This is the time when Nora and her team block their schedules to focus on designing and building your websites. Before you know it you will see your website being built in front of your eyes. 

We will teach you how to upload your content and ask you to practice whilst you are with us. We want you to take the reins of your website!

4: Owning your website

As you see the pieces of the puzzle coming together, you'll begin to apply everything you've learnt. The website is the door to your power as a business owner. It will provide you with the confidence to speak with clarity about your business and your services and attract the right clients.

As you get ready to launch, your website becomes real in the online world!

We are interviewing students for our next cohort.
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