Frequently asked questions

Are you a developer?

No, I am not. However I have built many websites on Squarespace (SS) and can teach you the fundamentals for you to be able to manage your site. I am also a Squarespace Circle Member which is a community of designers and developers that are experienced SS users, and as such we get optimised care from the Customer Care team at Squarespace.

Will you design my logo?

Not as part of this programme. Your Website School covers design and build of a website for your business. However, I will be designing the overall look and feel of your businesses and we’ll establish your colour palette. We’ll also discuss photography and best styling for your business, including the tone of voice of your brand. The name of your business will be written in an appropriate font to match the overall feel.
I do design Logos and specialise in brand identity. It is one of my favourite jobs in the world! If this is something you’d like for your business please do let me know when you fill in your form. 

What if I'm ill or can’t make a live session?

This is an intimate group process and continuity is integral to its success, your unique gift is your contribution as you take your place in the group. It is important that we all show up on time and we are well in ourselves. A fine balance indeed! If you absolutely can’t make a live Zoom session, you will be able to watch and listen to the recording afterwards.

Will you help me with email marketing?

Not as part of this programme. Your Website School covers design and build of a website for your business.. However, in our discussions we will be referring to the principles of email marketing and we offer this service as an add on at any point you are ready to do this.

How many pages do I get on my website?

Your Website School programme covers 5 pages: home, about, contact and and up to two services pages. You will be able to replicate and add pages yourself once the programme is over. We will teach how to do this.

Do you offer custom websites tailored to my specific needs?

Yes of course, please head over to my Studio!

A la carte menu

We offer support with any integrations and extra sections you may need such as blog, events calendar, payments and email marketing. You may need help with extra tutorials and Social Media graphics. Just let us know on your intake form or as we go along and we will work out the best way to help you with your needs. 

Are there any extra costs?

1- Your Squarespace subscription costs (including VAT): Squarespace offers 4 different plans based on your business needs. Most YWS students opt for the ‘Personal plan’ which has the following costs. Pay yearly up front: £144 a year or £12 p/month. Pay monthly: £187.20 a year or £15.60 p/month. The best news: You will receive a 20% off your 1st year of the annual plan because you are my client! (this will automatically show when you choose the yearly plan) Squarespace is a hosted platform that includes your website template, security, back-ups, automatic software updates and 24/7 real person customer support. 

2- Domain Name registration if you don’t already have a domain name. When you open you Squarespace account you will get a free domain for a year (some url options not available). If you purchase from a Domain provider, you may use 123 Reg. They are UK based and have great customer support. The cost for this can vary from £0.99 to £10 per domain name per year.

3- Email account related to website domain, I recommend the email that 123 Reg provides or Squarespace offers the integration with G Suite if you are comfortable using that. The cost for this can be between £3/4 per month. Yearly plans usually have discounts. G Suite offers the 1st year for free to Squarespace business users (as opposed to personal users). Your Website School does not help you set up your email account however the providers of the service will.

Other questions

Please do not hesitate to email me directly here.

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